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Horseshoes and Weddings

Our service includes giving you the kind of product that is worthy of the special occasion for which it is for.  Meeting the specific needs of the individual bride or customer.  Getting the horseshoe to you even if you wanted yesterday.  Discussing probably via email the material, the colors and any other special requirements.  In short you are our No.1 priority until it is safely in your hands and you are happy.

Silver and Gold accents and trims can be used for special anniversaries as well.

Crystal or Pearl and iridescent accents and trims go well with white, cream or ivory.

Black and white trims and accents have a very dramatic look.

I also make horseshoes in denim by request, especially but not limited to western weddings.

Floral/ pastel/vibrant horseshoes came about when brides wanted their attendants to carry horseshoes also, keeping them for favors afterwards.