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About Us.

Horseshoes are a tradition which started in England many years ago. They are sometimes given for  bridal attendant presents or for special anniversaries.  There is a ribbon attached to the shoulders of the horseshoe and it is carried on the wrist (everyone always says how do you carry it).Some people tie them to their bouquets or the bridal cars!
We feel whatever the size of the wedding, a horseshoe will bring that special touch of good luck, and tradition. Quite a few of our Brides have got married in Las Vegas and loved having something very special to cherish as a keepsake. Others have had big weddings but have been given a horseshoe by their mother or grandmother (as I was ) and it has meant all the more to them .

Our business history
After years of making horseshoes for friends and family I finally decided to go into business 20 years ago.
The original double horseshoe came from one given to me by my grandmother 44 years ago on my own wedding day in England. She is no longer with us but I remember her every time I make a horseshoe.
I enjoy looking for different kinds of fabric and trims I want every one of the horseshoes to be special, and unique! Twice I have had brides send me fabric from their dresses so they can match their dress! However, they all have one thing in common, a little blue bow on the back. They come in their own packaging with the Horseshoe Legend printed on it. 

What makes us unique
My product is quite unique in America and in fact I have only found two websites which have vaguely similar products and they are in Scotland and New Zealand. To my knowledge nobody else has the Legend of the Horseshoe with their product. I make so many different kinds, quite different from the rather plain double horseshoe that I originally used for a pattern.